Columbus Fall Line Trace

A rest stop at the Manchester Expressway Park and Ride facility provides bike rentals, bike gear, and snacks.

This impressive new trail follows an 11-mile section of the former Southern Railway line that once ran from Columbus to McDonough. Opened in 2011, the 12-foot wide asphalt trail extends from the city's 14th Street Bridge to Columbus State University and on to Psalmond Road and Midland along a course generally parallel to Warm Springs Road and US 27. The line began as the Georgia Midland & Gulf Railroad in 1886-87.

The Manchester Expressway Park and Ride rest stop.

The trail passes under the Manchester Expressway.

A scenic highlight along the route is Flat Rock Park with its lake, natural features, and picnic areas. A mountain bike trail and the park's roads provide additional bike mileage opportunities.

Road/trail intersections are well marked and attractive.

The trail provides a mix of urban and natural landscapes.

Psalmond Road is the trail's north terminus. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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