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Pigeon Mountain (TAG) Tunnel
LaFayette area

Photo of the weed-choked northern entrance to the tunnel

This abandoned and neglected tunnel was built in 1890-91 by the Chattanooga Southern Railroad through the northern tip of Pigeon Mountain in Walker County. The mountain, actually an arm of the Lookout Mountain plateau, dominated a particularly scenic part of the line, prompting the railroad to market itself as the Pigeon Mountain Route.

In 1911, the Chattanooga Southern was reorganized as the Tennessee, Alabama, & Georgia Railway, which became known as the TAG Route. Southern Railway purchased the line in 1971 and operated it for a little over a decade before abandoning the middle section, which included the tunnel, in the early 1980s.

Old stylized engraving of the tunnel showing a pigeon flying in front of it

An old advertisement for the Pigeon Mountain Route featured a romanticized view of the tunnel promoting the railroad's picturesque and historic mountain and valley scenery. Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage. © Steve Storey

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