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Railroad Museums

Railroad museums big and small and in between. The two big ones, with plenty of actual train equipment, are in Savannah and northeast of Atlanta. But the small and medium-sized places have much to offer too, with some having rare or one-of-a-kind items of interest.

See also Steam Locomotives on Display.

Rail Excursion and Tourist Lines

Riding the rails is always a treat for young and old, and opportunities to do so can be found in several regions of the state. Some trains run most days of the year and others are only seasonal, but all are worth the drive from wherever you live.

Railfan Platforms and Sites

It's getting easier to see today's rail action while avoiding that mean Georgia sun, thanks to a growing number of railfan platforms provided by some forward-thinking communities.


Converting abandoned rail lines to trails keeps the corridors intact for transportation purposes and helps to preserve railroad history. Continue on to the rail-trails page.

Bridges, Trestles, and Viaducts

Since the 1830s many thousands of railroad bridges, trestles, and viaducts have been built to carry trains over Georgia's streams. Continue on to the bridges pages.


Georgia doesn't have as many railroad tunnels as some states, but it does have one of the oldest (1849-50), another that continues in use on a busy rail line, as well as a tunnel that now has a bike trail through it. The tunnels page is here.

Roundhouses and Turntables

Georgia has two operating locomotive turntables, at opposite corners of the state, and one of these is still part of a functioning roundhouse. For more on roundhouses and turntables, existing and departed, click here.

The Great Locomotive Chase

Certainly the most well-known story in Georgia's railroad history is that of the theft of the General in the Civil War.

Passenger Trains in Georgia

A very brief look at Peach State passenger trains then and now, along with some suggested readings.

Whistle Posts and Mile Posts

Signs to help train crews do their work.

Monuments to Railroad Leaders

Statues and monuments honoring Georgia's railroad leaders.

Monuments to Railroad Workers

Remembering all of those who worked on the railroad.

Railroad Office Buildings

Several interesting old buildings around Georgia once housed railroad company offices.

Hotels at the Depot

A hotel across the street from the railroad depot was a welcome sight for many travelers. Some examples are here.

Atlanta's Railroad Gulch

A brief history of the railroad triangle and the rail corridor through downtown. Includes maps from various decades.


Other Historic Rail Sites

Coaling towers. Massive reminders of the days of steam.

Water towers. Another rare relict of steam-powered travel.

Interlocking towers. Like coal and water towers, only a few are still standing.

Street-running. Towns where trains run on city streets.

Zero Milepost, Atlanta. This stone milepost marks the southern end of the Western & Atlantic Railroad and the beginning of Atlanta.

Pullman Yard, Atlanta. A former Pullman repair shop.

Allatoona Pass, Cartersville area. Dug in the 1840s for the Western & Atlantic Railroad, it was the scene of a bloody Civil War battle.

Railroad Nicknames

Nicknames of Georgia Railroads, including some that are less than complimentary.

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